Our Winter Survival Campaign for Homeless Children

Hundreds of homeless children die each winter from exposure to sub-zero temperatures in the world’s inner cities.
We have a plan to save them, and we hope you will help us!

Kids Matter is a program organized by The Endangered Child Initiative, an international organization dedicated to the care, rescue and rehabilitation of homeless children many of whom live underground in sewers, in derelict buildings, under bridges, or in damp alleys.

Our Winter Survival Campaign provides homeless kids with fleece sleeping bags delivered inside “space” blankets made from a lightweight, shiny, plastic foil that reflects 85% of body heat (just like a Thermos flask). Space blankets are extensively used by first-responders and paramedics every day. Our kits will save many children this winter from dying of exposure to sub-zero temperatures that, in some regions, drop as low as -40 degrees!

And we also provide fleece wind-proof jackets, mittens, and shoes to children living on the streets. Many of them are under 10 years old!

Our goal is to deliver survival kits, fleece jackets, mittens, and shoes to at least 2,000 homeless kids this winter.  Just $20 provides a survival kit, or consider sponsoring multiple kits as an individual or as a corporation.  For $100, we can supply a child with a survival kit PLUS a warm jacket, mittens, and shoes.


Help us save homeless children this winter.

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